Chart MVE Fusion Series Freezers

Chart MVE Fusion Series Freezers
Chart MVE proudly announces the award-winning, innovative Chart MVE Fusion. The new addition to Chart MVE’s stainless steel tank line provides long-term dry storage using minimal liquid nitrogen and electricity.

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Once initially charged, the Chart MVE Fusion maintains the desired temperature profile with little or no additional liquid nitrogen. Chart’s self-sustaining MVE Fusion operates as a stand-alone unit and requires no ongoing liquid nitrogen supply or piping to a liquid nitrogen supply source. This makes it perfect for locations with limited access to liquid nitrogen delivery, such as remote geographical locals or rooms in isolated locations throughout your facility.


Features include:

  • Self-sustaining
  • Dry sample storage
  • Lowest liftover height
  • Two tier folding step

Product Specifications

Maximum storage capacity
1.2 & 2 mL Vials (Internally Threaded) 31,200
Number of Racks 100 cell boxes 20
Number of Racks 25 cell boxes 16
Number of Stages per Rack 13
LN2 Capacity L Inner vessel 50  liters/Freezer 756 L
LN2 Capacity Under Tray L 133 L (not necessary)



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