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Hygiena BAX® System Q7

Hygiena BAX Q7

Precise, Powerful Molecular Pathogen Detection
To lessen the risk of costly recalls or brand-damaging headlines, food testing labs need fast, accurate and convenient tools for detecting the presence of pathogens in their raw ingredients, environmental samples and finished products. For decades, labs around the world have chosen the award-winning BAX System as their preferred method for food safety testing.


With a robust list of both real-time and end-point assays globally validated for a wide variety of foods and environmental sample types, the BAX System Q7 is sure to meet the demands of food processors across the entire supply chain.

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Benefits of BAX® System Q7

  • 96-well format for maximum sample throughput
  • Robust validations including AOAC and AFNOR
  • Clear and reproducible results, independent of operator technique
  • Internal positive control with every assay to validate negative results
  • Speed, provide next day result
  • Automated cycling, detection and analysis without the need for expert skill
  • Multi-wavelength real-time detection to identify multiple targets in a single sample
  • LIMS compatible system allows for easy storage, retrieval and printing


BAX® System PCR Assays

Assays for today's top food safety concerns
Food companies, service labs, and government regulators around the world rely on Hygiena's BAX System to quickly and accurately detect unwanted bacteria in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples. Accurate results mean fewer re-tests, shorter storage time for products on hold, and less waste of truly safe food.


Each BAX System PCR assay kit includes lysis buffer and protease, along with 96 PCR tubes containing BAX System PCR tablets. These convenient tablets contain all the reagents needed for fast and reliable testing results. Simply hydrate with the prepared sample and load the rack into the BAX System instrument for automated analysis.

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BAX Assays

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With a robust list of global regulatory approvals and worldwide sales and technical support, it's no wonder why Hygiena's BAX® System Q7 continues to be the go-to workhorse for DNA-based pathogen detection.



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